Hostragon at a Glance

Hostragon™ is an independent, people-first web hosting company owned by NexusPacific Inc. that offers easy to use, flexible, reliable, highly scalable, cost effective and affordable web hosting.

Awesome 24x7 Support


We're always happy to help with issues or other questions you might have. Check out our answers to common questions at our growing knowledgeable or chat live with our smart and super-friendly engineers.

Huge collection of domains to register


We have huge selection and our domain pricing is designed to fit your budget. Our system can help you find the right domain and ensure that it gets a secure home online. Many customers trust us with their domains.

In-built security to ease your mind.


Hostragon implements enhanced security system designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. We constantly take proactive steps to protect you and your business at all times.